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 We are specialized in Clarifier, Aerators, Thickener and Trickling Filter Drives, Mechanisms and Rotary Distributors for Industrial and Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

20,000 sq. ft. machine and manufacturing facility which includes one 15 ton overhead crane, three 5 ton overhead bridge cranes and four 2 ton overhead bridge cranes, as well as numerous lathes, boring mills, milling machines, drill presses, punch presses, shapers and other related machine tools.

We manufacture a complete line of clarifier, thickener and trickling filter components. A prime example of our forward thinking products is our new line of retrofit scum skimmers designed to replace all makes of clarifier and thickener scum skimmers. It is all hot dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel fasteners throughout and uses Frelon and Stainless Steel bearings. This unit comes with a five year warrantee against rust through and bearing failure.

Our goal is to give the best service with the most up to date equipment and procedures at the most cost-effective and efficient rate.

G.M.H. Associates of America, Inc. has been in the business of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant repairs for almost 30 years. Our specialization of Clarifier, Thickener and Trickling Filter repairs, upgrades, rebuilds and retrofits means we are able to be more innovative to the varying needs of our customers.

Many of our customers praise our work and abilities. References from companies like USX, International Paper, Ocean City and Municipalities like City of Trenton, NJ, Newburg, NY to name just a few are available upon request.

Our staff of skilled engineers, customer service, tradesman and administrative staff are all available 24 hrs. a day.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania call Anthony "Tony" Genniro, Vice President of Customer Service & Sales (609) 396-4751 ext 306 Mobil#(609) 658-3774

In all other areas of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico call Gary M. Hochschild, President G.M.H. Associates of America, Inc. and Clarifier, Thickener and Trickling Filter maintenance, repair and upgrade specialist with 30 years experience in mechanical and civil engineering repairs, troubleshooting and installations garygmh@gmhassociates.com